The Good Princess

Hewwo peoples! Oh my goodness have yew heard of all the little things? Oh no? Well let me fill you in! Yew see this is a toddleedoo only collaboration event. This months theme is fairy tales and it opens on the 5th of April. But, but, but I couldn’t helps it I had to show yew this cute outfit! Member that one movie uhhh yeah the ones with the good witch? Mhms yep that’s me right now! Giggles! I am a very good witch, but let’s not say witch, I’m a princess! This outfit is froms GPD Kids and it comes with the hat, shoes, outfit, wand, necklace, and backpack (it’s a spider for real). Mhms that’s like an amazing deal. So, when da event opens yew needs to go and grab this outfit right aways! *Giggles and skips off to practice spells on bestie* Addy … oh Addy .. where are yew? I has something to talk to yew about!

♥ Avery

All the Little Things - GPD Kids: The Good Witch

All the Little Things

What Avery is Wearing:


Shape My Own

Mesh Head Cute Bytes Baby Mesh Head #2 Kiki

Mesh Body Cute Bytes ~ToddleeDoo – BabyGirl

Mesh Head & Body Applier Bad Seed Boutique Freckle Face Tan (Includes 8 Skin Appliers: Basic, Lashes, Tears, Freckles, Rash, Bandaid, Blush & Dirty – All include body skins to match)

Eyes IKON Hope Eyes – Passion (Mesh Eyes)

Hair *Dura* Girl *41 (Black)


Outfit All the Little Things GPD Kids: The Good Witch – Includes Outfit, Spell Hat, Shoes, Necklace, Wand, and Backpack – Oh my goodness the cuteness!!!


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