Hello peoples! *Jumps up and down and giggles*. Soooooooo Violetility has this brand new dress right? So, you know the dress everyone is talking about? Some people see it gold and white and others see it black and blue. Autumn sees it black and blue, where I see it gold and white. Mhm it’s a true story I promises! Mhm this is the dress, yep you gots that, THIS IS #thedress. It’s adorable and sooooo cute, oh oh oh there is a mommy size dress too! You and mommy can totally match and rock it out no matter who sees what. What are you waitings for? Go, go now and shops before the trend dies! *Blows bubbles.*

♥ Kiki


.:V:. #the Dress [Team Gold & Team Blue]

What Kiki is Wearing:


Shape My Own

Mesh Head Cute Bytes Baby Mesh Head #2 Kiki

Mesh Body Cute Bytes ~ToddleeDoo – BabyGirl

Mesh Head & Body Applier Bad Seed Boutique LaLa Tone 1 (Includes 8 Skin Appliers: Basic, Lashes, Tears, Freckles, Rash, Bandaid, Blush & Dirty – All include body skins to match)

Eyes IKON Hope Eyes – Passion (Mesh Eyes)

Hair “”D!va”” Bambi (Onyx) – Group Gift (Group free to join)


Dress .:V:. Kiki Wearing #TheDress – [Team Gold] and Autumn shown wearing [Team Blue]


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