I so Hungry!!

Hi Hi Hi,

How are you? Yes you dere with the cute hair in dos pigtails giggles. I am Hungry wanna come over here I wont bite muchies I promise. (Totally has my fingers crossed behind my back).. watches you approach slowly then grabs you nom nom and laughs mauahhaha. Well now maybe not all that much drama but hehe this costume has brought out awhole nother side of me. Looks around for my bestie … and pretends to be a zombie arms out in front of me, “Kiki where are you.. can you come out and play?” She is hiding not that I really blame hers. This is totally cool look is from Tic Tot Toe and you can has them all if you play the gacha at the Bro Gacha Event and win them. *crosses my fingers for you*. Have a great night and sleep tight, giggles don’t let the zombies bite. Mauahahha..hobbles away as my voice fades in the wind .. Oh Kiki .. where are you..?

Tic Tot Toe @ Bro Gatcha Event


What Autumn is Wearing:


Shape: My Own

Skin: Bad Seed Boutique Freckled Face Pale Set Applier

Hair: Dura Baby*03


Outfit: Tic Tot Toe @ Bro Gatcha Event Gatcha’s Shown (obtained individually) Zombie Earplugs, Axe in Head, Bloody Arms w/HUD, Bloody Feet w/HUD, Bloody Hands w/HUD, Bloody Mouth Tat, Knife in Back RARE, Red Zombie Eyes, Zombie Sunken Eyes Tat, and Zombie Shirt (says Zombies Were People Too) – I love it!

Pictures might contain previous gacha items or previous arcade items, these might be found at Gacha or Arcade Markets, Flea Markets, or Yard Sales! Happy Hunting!

Ty Autumn ♥


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